The artwork displayed at the 2018 Woke & Winnning Art Exhibit extends to its audience an integrative look at the issue of gun violence through analog and digital mediums, photography and painting, and portaiture and political poster design. This exhibit relies both on the memory and reality of what it is to experience violence and the visioning it takes to create new possibilities for the future.

iPads are provided to guests for viewing the Augmented Reality enhanced artwork (see this art come to life!) created for a citywide art tour in Chicago in 2017. This artwork was also re-purposed to develop the "Art for Our Lives" political poster series for the National March for Our Lives event.

Artists featured include Max Sansing, Chantala Kommanivanh, Franco, Juan Pablo Ruiz and the following National Youth Art Movement Against Gun Violence Emerging Artists: Liz Gomez, Leah LaQueens, Millie Martinez, B'Rael Ali Thunder, Daria Velazquez, Elexsis Miller, and Marquis Sewell. This show also includes community created artwork from the 2018 Woke & Winning Youth Action Workshop Series.

Photography by Sterling Gilmore, Diana Tassy, and Perrione Reed of Free Spirit Media.

Program for the Opening Reception (6 - 9 PM):

  • Networking

  • Visioning

  • Participatory Dance Performance w/ special guest Trell

  • Civic Engagement w/ special guests Sara Kniznik, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and Erica Nanton, Chicago Votes

  • Art Viewing and Refreshments

Other Exhibit Viewing Dates:

  • Saturday Nov. 3: (opening reception) 6 - 9 pm

  • Sunday, Nov. 4: Time: 12 - 3

  • Thursday, Nov. 8: Time: 3 - 6

  • Saturday, Nov. 10 Time: 3 - 6

  • Tuesday, Nov. 13 Time: 3 - 6