#OTVWednesdays returns back to our residency at Reunion Chicago through June 2019. On May 29th join us for OTV Presents: Freaky Phyllis, i - LOVE//ME, F*ck Stan

Freaky Phyllis
What happens when grandma goes bad?

i - LOVE//ME
explore ways //love// came to knowledge - seek the foundation before the fountain.

F*ck Stan
What happens when you try to f*ck with a f*ckboi? Follow three women as they find out their target is much more than originally thought.

About OTV - Open Television:
OTV - Open Television is a non-profit platform for intersectional television. We incubate artists that commercial television networks and art institutions do not develop consistently: artists who identify with multiple communities marginalized by the market and society.

#OTVWednesdays (May 2019)
May 8: OTV Presents: The Haven, Searching for Isabelle, Catch Desire EP
May 15: OTV Presents: Feel Better
May 22: OTV Presents: Granny Ballers, Uneverything, Femme Queen Chron
May 29: OTV Presents: Freaky Phyllis, i - Love/ME, Fck Stan
Every following Wednesday in May (8-29) and June (5-12) we'll be premiering new content in Chicago and online. Check out the full list of premieres at http://bit.ly/otvevents.

About Reunion Chicago
REUNION is an art gallery, event space and project incubator located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Event/cultural producer Kristen Kaza and brand strategist/ cultural producer Elijah McKinnon assumed management of the space in 2016, with a mission to provide a collaborative and grounding environment for queer, people of color and femme-identified individuals in creative roles.




All onstage discussion along with the episodes themselves will be translated live in American Sign Language.


*Reunion is a storefront studio with wheelchair accessible common spaces. Our bathroom can accommodate a wheelchair however lacks hand grips.*

For more information contact OTV Head of Community and Exhibition, Jenna Anast at janast41@gmail.com.