Slow & Low Yoga is a monthly community yoga class led by Chelsea Ross at Reunion Chicago.

You will be guided through a slow, intentional hatha yoga sequence with emphasis on breath and form to help ground, calm, restore, and build energy. Classes will move through a series of physical poses (asanas) combined with breath work (pranayama) and meditation. Each class will offer a similar framework and build off previous sequences, for consistency in practice and growth.

In addition to the more active asanas, classes will include a yin yoga approach to help open space and circulation around the hips, legs, and back. Yin yoga offers a series a floor-based poses, held for several minutes, as passively as possible, to release the deep fascia muscles and connective tissue. By softening into the pose, the weight of the body over time allows opening in the deeper tissues for physical and energetic release and expansion.

All bodies and experience levels welcome.
Classes are drop-in.
BYO mat.

COST: $10 Recommended donation/Pay what you can
Payment accepted through venmo/QuickPay/CashApp/Ca$h prior to or at class.

About Chelsea:
I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for almost a decade. After a series of injuries from martial arts and dance in my early 20s, I turned to yoga for physical support and relief. Because of this, I have a deep understanding and respect for the physical and anatomical aspects of the work and how it interacts with different bodies. However, my practice is also rooted in the subtle body work of moving energy, clearing space, and stilling the mind. My classes incorporate elements of vinyasa, Iyengar, yin yoga, and Shadow Yoga for a dynamic and well-rounded practice.