Welcome to your home away from home.

At Black Girl In Om, we create space for women of color to breathe easy. BGIO Self-Care Sunday is the beating heart of our community and we’re proud to be in year three of holding safe, sacred space for all of us to connect, heal, and love individually and collectively.

Now hosted three times per month, with varying themes and programs, we invite you to venture deeper into your wellness journey with an affirming community and guide. Yoga and meditation are always included as an intentional component of the experience.

The session begins promptly at 11:00am and ends at 1:00pm.

This session is led by Lauren Ash.

Lauren Ash believes in the power of community, self-acceptance, and radical self-love and centers each of these when guiding yoga. Carrying a 200-hour power yoga training and 200-hour vinyasa yoga training, you can expect an empowering practice emphasizing deeper breath-body-mind awareness and attention to alignment. With a background and passion for music and the arts, she curates thoughtful playlists and emphasizes creative individual expression and play. As the founder of Black Girl In Om, she is proud to hold sacred space for women of color and appreciates every opportunity to guide women just like her through asana as each time deepens her own appreciation for yoga as a tool for healing, growth, and manifestation. An enthusiastic meditator, she also welcomes women to the practice with a special affinity toward mindfulness meditation. Connect with and follow along Lauren’s journey over at www.laurenash.co and on Instagram and Twitter @hellolaurenash.