Welcome to your home away from home.

At Black Girl In Om, we create space for women of color to breathe easy. BGIO Self-Care Sunday is the beating heart of our community and we’re proud to be in year three of holding safe, sacred space for all of us to connect, heal, and love individually and collectively.

Hosted twice per month, with varying themes and programs, we invite you to venture deeper into your wellness journey with an affirming community and guide. Yoga and meditation are always included as an intentional component of the experience.

The session begins promptly at 11:00am and ends at 1:00pm.


This session is led by Dr. Crystal Jones

Dr. Crystal Jones moves through the world as a teacher, chiropractor, mindful integration specialist, reiki master, breath therapist, and yoga teacher. She is the founder of The Sanctuary Experience as well as The Healers' Collective (a full wellness production company). In private (and public) practice, she cultivates intuitive experiences that place an emphasis on the mindful integration of the breath into dynamic stillness for the physiological and spiritual evolution of destructive cellular patterns. Central to all of her work is acknowledging and elevating core value and truth systems on a foundational level. She teaches in holistic spaces and collegiately with a focused intention on body autonomy and holding space for the integrity of the healing process.

Learn more about her at www.drcrystaljones.com. 

A few more notes:

  • BGIO Self-Care Sunday is intended for self-identified women of color. Thank you for honoring our intention.

  • Bring a journal and something to write with!

  • We are BYOM: Bring Your Own Mat.

  • All accessibility and experience levels are welcome.

  • Self-Care Sunday is hosted at REUNION, located at 2557 W. North Ave in Chicago, IL.

  • Pre-registration is required and early registration is encouraged.

  • Have questions? E-mail us at events@blackgirlinom.com and we’ll get back to you within 48-72 hours.