From an early age, we are taught to run from feelings of sadness, anxiety and fear. This conditioning makes us so averse to experiencing internal discomfort that we master strategies for pushing pain away and making our suffering more concealed from public. "What Some People Read As Sadness" is a photographic exploration of staying present in the discomfort of the human journey, a celebration that embraces and exposes the adaptive beauty and organic tension of existence.

Please join us for the debut of work by photographer Chi Nwosu. Chi is a queer, black visual artist based in Chicago. She specializes in photography and graphic design. 

Her work can be found on IG @lineandletter and

Join us for opening night on October 6th, 2018 for a view of the work, drinks, food and celebration! 

Food provided by: Epic Queer Kitchen 
Drinks provided by: CH Distillery 
Venue provided by: Reunion Chicago

Exhibit will be on display through Oct 13th.