Threewalls and Reunion Chicago presents:
Black Family Reunion, a gathering for all of Black Chicago
Centering us from 8 PM until midnight
September 13, 2017

Join Chicago for Black Family Reunion! We invite ALL Black people of the diaspora -- our global family -- to this FREE event. We celebrate our Black elders and young Black generations (18+) at this reunion. We joyfully embrace our Black queer and trans relatives. We welcome our Black gender non-conforming relatives. We cherish Black mothers and fathers, singles and partners, siblings and cousins. Our doors are open to our disabled or undocumented Black family.

Bring the South Side and West Side to this free event (yes, we see you too, Black Northsiders #noshade). Introduce yourselves to each other during a game of spades. Go back down memory lane with music from local DJs and performers and relish in delicious food as broad and far-reaching as we are. Linger all night long, dance and celebrate our community!

Get to know your family.

Dial up the Black Family Hotline for more details: 773-661-4402.

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