Founded in March 2016 by curator/cultural producer Brett Swinney, the Art Admins of Color Network (AACN) is a Chicago-based collective, exchanging programming insights and ideas as Black people working in the arts & humanities. 

On Thursday, November 10th, from 6p-8p, join the AACN at REUNION (2557 W. North Ave; Chicago, IL) for our very first event--the 2016 Post-Election Empowerment Potluck (or 'P.E.E.P'). 

The 'T' on the P.E.E.P:
No matter WHO wins on November 8th, the AACN wants to provide a time & space for us to fellowship / strategize with each other and to continue empowering OURSELVES by supporting each other & our respective creative endeavors/platforms. Bring your fave dish/dessert/libation & vibration to share. Consider this event as a "creative community wellness check" after the most triggering presidential election, EVER!

Thursday Nov. 10 | 6p-8p
The AACN presents
P.E.E.P. 2016 at REUNION
2557 W. North Ave // Chicago, IL
Suggested Donation: $10
*All proceeds go towards covering the evening's space rental fee.*
AACN's VISION is to become a 'go-to' think tank and platform where AACN members are recognized as tastemakers on the cutting edge of innovative cultural production---within the Chicago art world in general but within Chicago's marginalized art world(s), in particular. AACN's MISSION is to deliver critical presentation insights and initiatives that enlighten and empower artists/ audiences/ critics/ producers/ venues/ donors & funders to seek and support boundary-pushing arts programming.
REUNION is an art gallery, event space and co-working studio located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Event/cultural producer Kristen Kaza and brand strategist/ cultural producer Elijah McKinnon assumed management of the space in 2016, with a mission to provide a collaborative and grounding environment for women and femme-identified individuals in creative roles.

*For details regarding desk space, event rentals, or collaborations, contact*

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